CIDEIM contributes to strengthening national research capacity through two main strategies:

  • Complementing and expanding biomedical science programs in national universities
  • Offering opportunities for continuing education in general research skills to scientists and health professionals

Our training program includes various modalities based on interinstitutional cooperation and technological tools that allow us to expand our reach. We participate in the development and teaching of microbiology and medical microbiology courses for the Departments of Biology, Medicine and Pharmaceutical Chemistry within Icesi University.  Under and post-graduate students, Young Investigators, as well as physicians and bacteriologists doing their year of Obligatory Social Service, participate in research projects under mentor supervision. Each year, in collaboration with international experts and a network of national universities, we offer online postgraduate courses in area relevant to the biomedical sciences. Additionally, we identify aspects of the research process to be strengthened and find continuing education opportunities to respond to this need. For example, we offer courses in Effective Project Planning and Evaluation in Health Research, Statistics Applied to Biomedical Research, and Data Analysis Planning.

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