Our Research Support Team
  • Andrés Jaramillo Zuluaga, MBA
    Coordinator of Projects and Courses
  • Beatriz Helena Herrera Gutiérrez, Librarian
    Coordinator of Training and Development
  • Yenifer Orobio Lerma, Statistician
    Coordinator of the Epidemiology & Biostatístical Unit
  • Jackeline Bravo Chamorro, Nurse
    Administrator of Ethics Committee for Human Research & Bio-models
  • Alejandra Chamorro Palacios, Systems Engineer
    ICT Manager
  • Oscar Javier Oviedo Sarmiento, Systems Engineer
    Data Manager
  • Leidy Laura Arcos Chito, Systems Engineer
    Data Entry
  • Isabel Guasaquillo
    Chemical Analyst
  • María Fanny Guasaquillo
    Material Laboratory Assistant
  • Luis Ernesto Ramírez Bernal
    Laboratory Assistant