One of the most valuable results of more than 20 years of research has been the processing and preservation of biological samples. Currently, the Biobank at CIDEIM houses more than 3,000 samples of Leishmania spp. Isolated from patients, as well as reference, drug resistant and transfected samples. Our collection also includes approximately 260 samples of Trypanosoma spp., 630 isolates of Plasmodium falciparum, 4,600 Mycobacterium spp., and 3,600 Gram negative bacteria with their respective susceptibility profiles. We also preserve DNA and plasma samples from patients with tuberculosis, malaria and leishmaniasis, as well as skin biopsy from patients with secondary syphilis and cutaneous leishmaniasis.

The availability of a representative number of samples that have been classified and characterized according to in vitro studies, along with patient clinical information, allows us to contribute to high-impact research in Colombia through our own studies and collaborations with national and international investigators.



  • Strain species identification for Leishmania spp. using monoclonal antibodies or isoenzymes.
  • Susceptibility evaluation of Leishmania spp. strains to Glucantime® and miltefosine.
    • Screening tests
    • ED50
  • Distribution of reference samples for Leishmania spp. species.