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Antibiotic stewardship in low-and middle-income countries: 'same, but different'?

Cox JA; Vlieghe E; Mendelson M; Wertheim H; Ndegwa L; Villegas MV; Gould I; Levy Hara G.


An international qualitative study exploring patients’ experiences of cutaneous leishmaniasis: Study set-up and protocol

Erber, A; Arana, B; Bennis, I; Ben Salah, A; Boukthir, A; Castro, MDM; Cissé, M; Cota, G; Handjani, F; Kebede, M; Lang, T; López-Carvajal, L; Marsh, K; Martinez-Medina, D; Plugge, E; Olliaro, P


An innovative field-applicable molecular test to diagnose cutaneous Leishmania Viannia spp. infections

Saldarriaga OA; Castellanos-Gonzalez A; Porrozzi R; Baldeviano GC; Lescano AG; de Los Santos M; Fernandez O; Saravia NG; Costa E; Melby PC; Travi BL


An Analysis of the Epidemic of KPC-Producing Klebsiella pneumoniae: Convergence of Two Evolutionary Mechanisms Creates the "Perfect Storm"

Rojas LJ; Weinstock GM; De La Cadena E; Diaz L; Rios R; Hanson BM; Brown JS; Vats P; Phillips DS; Nguyen H; Hujer KM; Correa A; Adams MD; Perez F; Sodergren E; Narechania A; Planet PJ; Villegas MV; Bonomo RA; Arias CA


A secondary wave of neutrophil infiltration causes necrosis and ulceration in lesions of experimental American cutaneous leishmaniasis

Peniche AG; Bonilla DL; Palma GI; Melby PC; Travi BL; Osorio EY.


A novel Approach to evaluation of drug susceptibility of clinical strains of Leishmania 

Fernández O; Diaz-Toro Y; Valderrama L; Ovalle C; Valderrama M; Castillo H; Perez M; Saravia NG.


A homology model reveals novel structural features and an immunodominant surface loop/opsonic target in the Treponema pallidum BamA ortholog TP0326

Luthra A; Anand A; Hawley KL; LeDoyt M; La Vake CJ; Caimano MJ; Cruz AR; Salazar JC; Radolf JD.


A global call from five countries to collaborate in antibiotic stewardship: united we succeed, divided we might fail

Goff DA; Kullar R; Golstein E; Gilchrist M; Nathwani D; Cheng AC; Cairns K; Escandón-Vargas K; Villegas MV; Brink A; van den Bergh D; Mendelson M.


A comparison of molecular typing methods applied to enterobacter cloacae complex: hsp60 sequencing, Rep-PCR, and MLST

Viau RA, Kiedrowski LM, Kreiswirth BN, Adams M, Perez F, Marchaim D, Guerrero DM, Kaye KS, Logan LK, Villegas MV, Bonomo RA


A barcode of organellar genome polymorphisms identifies the geographic origin of Plasmodium falciparum strains.

Preston MD; Campino S; Assefa SA; Echeverry DF; Ochola H; Amambua-Ngwa A;  Stewart LB; Conway DJ; Borrmann S; Michon P; Zongo I; Ouédraogo J-B; Djimde AA; Doumbo O; Nosten F; Pain A; Bousema T; Drakeley CJ; Fairhurst R; Sotherland CJ; Roper C; Clark TG