Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Unit

Our unit studies the molecular aspects of the natural history, therapeutic response and host-pathogen interactions in human leishmaniasis. Through proteomic and comparative genomic (two-dimension electrophoresis, qRT-PCR, and gene arrays), as well as cellular biology methods, we tackle the search for clinical and therapeutic outcome markers, the identification for molecular determinants of drug resistance and pathogenicity in Leishmania, and also the impact of infection on modulating the macrophage response and related mechanisms.



  • Two-dimensional electrophoresis (2DE) and western blot
  • Gene expression analysis (Real-time PCR BioRad CFX-96)
  • Fluorescence/confocal microscopy
  • Cellular signaling analysis using flow cytometry (PhosFlow)



María Adelaida Gómez, PhD
Coordinator of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Unit
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