Entomology Unit

The unit´s physical infrastructure includes a general research area and insect colonies, consisting of three spaces for individual colonization of vector species, each of these with independent areas for experimental infection. All areas are equipped with physical barriers avoiding insect escape between and outside of the colonies (BSL 2+). We currently house colonies with Lutzomyia longipalpis, Aedes aegypti, and Anopheles albimanus.

Our unit is equipped with all elements necessary for entomological research (insect capture traps, microscopes, stereos, etc.), as well as equipment for mammal capture (National and Sherman traps), microphotography, microinjection, and dissection, and computational tools for statistical and geospatial analyses.

We also house capacity for molecular assays and cellular cultures.



  • Standardized tests for the evaluation of insecticides and impregnated materials for the control of priority vectors.
  • Analysis of the factors associated with transmission of vector-borne diseases (insect and mammal capture, dissection, and pathogen agent detection).
  • Detection of vector-transmitted infection through molecular techniques and cellular cultures.
  • Evaluation of blood ingestion via molecular techniques.



Clara Beatriz Ocampo Durán, PhD
Coordinator of the Entomology Unit
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