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Complete sequence of two KPC-harbouring plasmids from Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Naas T; Bonnin RA; Cuzon G; Villegas MV; Nordmann P


Developing mobile health applications for neglected tropical disease research

Navarro A; Rubiano L; Arango JD; Rojas CA; Alexander N; Saravia NG; Aronoff-Spencer E


Phenotypic and functional stability of leukocytes from human peripheral blood samples: considerations for the design of immunological studies

Navas A; Giraldo-Parra L; Prieto MD; Cabrera J; Gomez MA


Characterization of extensively drug resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) cases in Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

Nieto LM; Ferro BE; Villegas S; Mehaffy C; Forero L; Moreira C; Rstogi N; van Soolingen D.


Emergence of resistance to miltefosine following treatment of dermal leishmaniasis.

Obonaga R; Fernández O; Valderrama L; Rubiano LC; Castro MM; Barrera MC; Gómez MA; Saravia NG.


Reduction of cases of dengue fever by mass control of Aedes aegypti in street catch basins in an endemic urban area in Colombia.

Ocampo C; Mina NJ; Carabalí M; Alexander N; Osorio L.


Differential expression of apoptosis related genes in selected strains of Aedes aegypti with different susceptibilities to Dengue virus

Ocampo CB; Caicedo PA; Jaramillo G; Ursic R; Barón O; Serrato IM;Cooper Dawn, Lowenberger C


Environmental factors associated with American cutaneous leishmaniasis in a new Andean focus in Colombia.

Ocampo CB; Ferro MC; Cadena H; Gongora R; Pérez M; Valderrama-Ardila CH, Quinnell RJ, Alexander N.


Harmonized clinical trial methodologies for localized cutaneous leishmaniasis and potential for extensive network with capacities for clinical evaluation

Olliaro P; Grogl M; Boni M; Carvalho EM; Chebli H; Cisse M; Diro E; Fernandes Cota G; Erber AC; Gadisa E; Handjani F; Khanesipour A; Llanos-Cuentas A; López Carvajal L; Grout L; Lmimouni BE; Mokni M; Nahzat MS; Ben Salah A; Ozbel Y; Pascale JM; Rizzo Molina N; Rode J; Romero G; Ruiz-Postigo JA; Gore Saravia N; Soto J; Uzun S; Mashayekhi V; Vélez ID; Vogt F; Zerpa O; Arana B


Prevalence and factors related to Clostridium difficile infection in a high complexityhospital in Cali, Colombia. [Prevalencia y factores relacionados con la infección por Clostridium difficile en un centro hospitalario de alta complejidad en Cali (Colombia)]

Oñate-Gutiérrez JM; Villegas MV; Correa A.