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Detection of Leishmania RNA virus in Leishmania parasites

Zangger H; Ronet C; Desponds C; Kuhlmann M; Robinson J; Hartley M; Prevel F; Castiglioni P; Pratlong F; Bastien P; Müller N; Parmentier L; Saravia NG; Beverley SM; Fasel N


Genomic epidemiology of artemisinin resistant malaria

World Health Organization


High-Throughput analysis of antimalarial susceptibility data by the World Wide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN) in vitro analysis and reporting tool

Woodrow CJ; Dahlström S; Cooksey R; Flegg JA; Le Nagard H; Mentré F; Murillo C; Ménard D; Nosten F; Sriprawat K; Musset L; Quashie NB; Lim P; Fairhurst RM; Nsobya SL; Sinou V; Noedl H; Pradines B; Johnson JD; Guerin PJ; Sibley CH; Le Bras J


Discovery of factors linked to antimony     resistance in Leishmania panamensis through differential proteome analysis.

Walker J;  Gongora R; Vasquez JJ; Drummelsmith J;  Burchmore R; Roy G; Ouellette M;  Gomez MA; Saravia NG.


Assessment of children exposed to adult pulmonary tuberculosis in Cali, Colombia.

Villegas SL; Ferro BE; Rojas CM; Pérez-Vélez CM.


High rate of initial MDR-TB in Buenaventura, Colombia: A Public-Private initiative.

Villegas SL; Ferro BE; Pérez-Vélez CM; Moreira CA; Forero L; Martínez E; Rastogi N; Caminero JA.


La importancia creciente de las fiebres hemorrágicas en Colombia

Villar JL; Ocampo C; Ferro C


A comparison of molecular typing methods applied to enterobacter cloacae complex: hsp60 sequencing, Rep-PCR, and MLST

Viau RA, Kiedrowski LM, Kreiswirth BN, Adams M, Perez F, Marchaim D, Guerrero DM, Kaye KS, Logan LK, Villegas MV, Bonomo RA


Changing paradigms in Aedes control: considering the spatial heterogeneity of disease transmission

Vanlerberghe V; Go?mez-Dante?s H; Vazquez-Prokopec G; Alexander N; Manrique-Saide P; Coelho G; Toledo ME; Ocampo CB; Stuyft P Van der; DENTARGET network*


Eligibility for local therapies in adolescents and adults with cutaneous leishmaniasis from southwestern Colombia: a cross-sectional study

Uribe-Restrepo A; Prieto MD; Cossio A; Mayur D; Castro MM