Estas personas y muchas otras han colaborado con el desarrollo de CIDEIM, ¡Conócelas!

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Donald Greer

Profesor emérito del Health Sciences Center de Louisiana State University en New Orleans, EE.UU. Llegó a CIDEIM en 1968 y permaneció como investigador del Centro hasta 1980. Fue director encargado del Centro en 1971.


“Many wonderful years with highly motivated students and faculty at U. del Valle; the wonderful staff of ICMRT (CIDEIM) who went out of their way to make you feel welcome in Cali.

I remember my research on the epidemiology of dermatophytes at the Gorgona Prison on the island off the coast of Colombia. Myself and Dr. Ayabaca from Ecuador cultured a total of 888 prisoners for athletes feet in just 4 weeks. We treated all prisoners who were positive. I also remember my work with the lower middle class patients who had paracoccidioidomycosis and their families.

ICMRT (CIDEIM) gave me much needed self confidence in that I could teach (in a second language) and do publishable research. This foundation was invaluable to me at Louisiana State University where I was promoted to Full Professor (again) in 1988.

CIDEIM is unique primarily because of its longevity. I know of no other federally funded program with the success of the Tulane/U. del Valle partnership. Also because of the excellent training and research opportunities to both USA and Colombian investigators. The ICMRT (CIDEIM) launched many professionals who otherwise would not have had the opportunity. It gave many Latin-American investigators the wherewithal to become known in their field as well as produce meaningful research in their specialties. It also supported the teaching programs at the University”.