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CIDEIM - Training
CIDEIM hosts a training program for researchers at Ph.D., Master’s, or Undergraduate level in order to complement and expand the training capacity of their institutions. The program is aimed at students interested in innovation, scientific and technological development. Along these lines, this program seeks to strengthen the country’s capability to train researchers by using the scientific and technological infrastructure available in CIDEIM.

The training programs in CIDEIM are related to the center’s scientific and technological activities. The different research projects serve as an instrument for the training of researchers who participate according to the Center’s guidelines and on the diseases being studied. It is worth mentioning that the training programs provide exposure to different schools of thought for researches because of the international cooperation in the Center’s projects.

CIDEIM has established links with national and international universities in order to promote training in research. These links will allow researchers the opportunity to get involved in an outstanding research center.

Among the participating institutions we find Universidad del Valle, Universidad Nacional, Universidad de Los Andes, Universidad Javeriana, Universidad de Antioquia, Universidad del Cauca, Universidad del Tolima, and Universidad Catolica de Manizales. Additionally, foreign universities who have participated in the training programs include Yale University, Tulane University, University of Texas, Fundacion Oswaldo Cruz, London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and University of North Carolina.

CIDEIM - Training

Among the researchers who attend the training programs a significant group is part of the Jovenes Investigadores (Young Researchers) program that is supported by Colciencias, a government institution in charge of promoting scientific research in Colombia. Additionally, medical students and bacteriologists serve their Social Service period at CIDEIM. Finally, the Center hosts internships programs.

CIDEIM contributes to training in the following types:.

  • Research projects / Ph.D., Master’s, and Undergraduate dissertations
  • Young Research Program
  • Social Service
  • Internships
  • Courses, Seminars and Workshops
  • Courses international post – graduate “WEB – BASED”